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Odyssey Through the Body and Mind




1 Day

About the Course

An odyssey is undertaken by an explorer. It is a journey so deep that one comes out of it with an understanding entirely beyond words.
Journey through your own body. Discover how it moves, how it communicates, how it is an aspect of the mind. Find out for yourself that the body is self-organising. How it suffers as a result of over-control. Become aware of how body directly expresses how we think and perceive.

As we journey through the body, we come to know ourselves in new ways.

Your Instructor

Kathryn Hood

What I love is to teach people how to connect back in to their body. This I do through both Rolf Structural Integration and through movement, including the Gyrotonic Method. Rolfing engages the body and the person on one type of journey. The movement practices take them on somewhat of a different journey, but both lead to more comfort, less pain and greater vitality.
I invite clients to learn about their own body. I love to show them how their body is familiar with its surroundings. It is not separate from the brain or the nervous system, but it is a whole which encompasses the brain, body, nervous system, mind. I love to help people find out how to be in relationship with their environment. What the body has to tell them.

Kathryn Hood
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