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Regenerative Living


The exploration of a new way of being at CrookNeck Retreat

What is Regenerative Living to Us?

When a deep relationship is seeded with the land, there is a sacred connection and wisdom that is cultivated. This leads to conscious dialogue of giving and receiving whereby the human becomes a part of the ecosystem as opposed to a part from it. "We are a part of the garden and the garden is a part of us" and with community - "what affects one, affects all."  

When we contribute to our land, environment and community, regeneration flows harmoniously from the land and bio-resonance fields in return in the form of  flourishing flora. fauna and foods. We support this with; Syntropic Farming, community living, life-enhancing retreats, synergy of ALL and deepening relationships. We are open to new and innovative ideas that enhance this vision. It is our intention to share this way of living with our greater community by utilising all forms of our surrounding environment to optimise relationship with all of nature.


To explore more about regenerative living with us check out our projects!                    




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