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The Inside Story


These are reviews from both hosts and guests of events or retreats.

 Please enjoy sharing in the love!

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"You really are called to this land from a place of deep remembrance and your own unfoldment. It's two most amazing custodians in 'Megan and Brett', of whom I am honored to call family, are in conscious relationship with Mother Earth and all the Kin-doms that emerge here...You can't help but be reminded of your own relationship with the land and...a deep sense of coming home..."

Ken Forbes


 "...Megan and Brett immediately stood out as rich custodians and I got to bear witness as the land is so beautifully nourished in their care...The food is so yummy, dining together is fun and the fires at night an absolute treat.  Brett, Megan and team are always genuinely willing to help with a smile..."

George Kavassilas

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"Crookneck Retreat - Mystique of the Mountains naturally illuminates what 'home' truly means...Here you can rest, rejuvenate, stroll, connect, yarn, laugh and be present to yourself, each other, the mountains, nature and your life.

The hosts are so welcoming, open-hearted, down-to-earth, funny - actually hilarious - and cook delicious hearty meals made with love and plenty of laughter - that you'll hear an endless stream of trailing out the kitchen during meal prep!

Since living in the Sunshine coast, my most remarkable experiences have happened here - often around the beautiful family table deep in real conversation or music and storytelling around the warmth of the fire - through powerful retreats, gatherings, events, camping, staying in the stunning cabins for a weekend away and even working on the Syntropic Farm!

I hope you can visit this land, for it will warm your soul and likely take a special seat in your heart - and perhaps avoid planning anything else that day, because it's really hard to leave 😉

Megan and Brett Standring and Co, I'm forever grateful for your immense generosity and dedication to sharing this land and touching so many lives! It's a true honour to be your friend. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏".

Julia McKeowen


"I first became involved with Crookneck when Megan and Brett were following their dream and preparing the main house for retreats.

Back then I thought I knew what I was about.  You know the usual Love yourself and those around you and help others.  Well the past three years have been the most enriching rewarding challenging  and sometimes down right frustrating, of my life and it is all because I opened myself to this land and all it offers.

Crookneck is not just 10 acres of land with some macadamia trees that are being replaced by syntropic farming.  A house for retreats and some cabins with space for camping.  NO.  When you walk onto this land and invitation is given.  Become more of who you are.  If you accept the invitation then you are in for the most thrilling ride of your life.

I live here at Crookneck now.  I am involved with the retreats and to be able to walk out to the garden pick the fresh produce and prepare it for the guests is the greatest joy of my life.  All the events here are so rich and rewarding my heart is full to overflowing with love and gratitude for this land and all who live here.

Crookneck - an experience not to be missed."

Clare Forrest

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