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Thank you for your interest in becoming a piece of our mystical journey of creation for birthing the new. Below you will find a series of our projects that you have the opportunity to support or volunteer your time towards. Our family and our community receive your gift with infinite gratitude and appreciation.

All About Our Place

Our Place will be a series of community constructed domes, hand built with love, laughter and connection. It is at Our Place where people of like-minds may gather, participate, share and support dreams, visions and creations with one another. This is your call to gather, meet Your People and experience fulfilling relationships, connection and the true essence of familial community. Here, we focus our energy and build the new!

Our lovely Macadamia Orchard is transforming into an organic syntropic farm, yielding fruit and vegetables that will form the basis of the recipes and foods served at Our Place. If you would like to support our vision please support one of our retreats or attend a Syntropic Farming Workshop to help out.

Would you like to be a part of Our Vision?

Please contact us to share your time to build the new with these wonder-full community projects.

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